Many people believe all they need to do is call a Realtor and they will have a house in no time. While this does happen for a lot people, it doesn’t happen for all. Instead, some people end up waiting weeks or even months to find the perfect house.

Here are 10 ways you can speed up the process:

#1: Ask Your Realtor Questions

You need to know what your Realtor is doing to help you find a house. Ask your Realtor what resources he/she is using. Your Realtor should mention at least three places he/she is looking for houses for you. If not, it may be time for a new Realtor.

#2: Choose Another Realtor

Many times, the experience of a Realtor will determine how fast you find a house. If you feel your Realtor isn’t a good fit, or isn’t finding the homes you are interested in, you can switch again or take the search into your own hands.

#3: Search Online

You can search for homes online. Use,, and Since houses go on the market every day, you should check your desired areas daily to help you find new ones.

You should make this a priority if it’s a seller’s market. Homes in a seller’s market go quickly, so you’ll have to jump on it.

#4: Search the Community

You probably have some cities, towns, or neighborhoods you want to live in, so drive around them regularly to find homes for sale. Sometimes, you will not find houses online or through your Realtor, but see them as you are driving around. This is especially true if someone is selling a house for sale by owner.

#5: Compromise on Wants

You’ve told your Realtor what you need in a house, but is it really a need? Think about what you really need and want in house. Wants can be compromised on, while needs cannot. If you take out some of your wants or adjust them slightly, you may open up the possibility of finding a house and it could still be a great fit.

#6: Adjust the Price Range

Some people will set the price range to see houses from $200,000 to $250,000, but if there is a house that is $252,000, it may work for you. You can always negotiate to try to get the house down to your budget. Adjust your price range up and down to see if you can get some more options.

#7: Consider Different Areas

You may have your heart set on a specific neighborhood or location, but it’s not always possible to get the house you want there. You may have to explore other areas to find a house that meets all of your needs. This doesn’t mean you have to move far away. It just means that you may want to broaden your horizons.

#8: Increase Your Budget

If you’ve been conservative with your budget, it may not cover everything you want in a house. The housing market changes, so what you could get 10 years ago for your budget isn’t what you can get now. Consider increasing your budget if you’re unable to find the perfect house.

#9: Spread the Word

Word of mouth can work to hear about houses that are going on sale in the near future. Tell everyone you are in the market for a house and you may just get a call one day letting you know your dream house is going to be listed soon.

#10: Offer to Buy the Perfect Home

This may be uncomfortable for some of you, but it can work if you’re willing to pay for it. Many homeowners will sell their house in a second if they can get a good deal. If you find a house in a neighborhood you want to live in but it’s not for sale, see if you can get in touch with the owner. You can then offer to buy their house. Yes, it’s not the norm, but in some cases it has worked!

Get Out There and Find the Perfect Home

Now that you have some ways to find the perfect home, get to work. It will take some action from you, but that’s okay. The more you act on it, the faster you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in a house.


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