With Halloween right around the corner, the last minute scramble for cute and spooky decorations is on. If you are coming up short on ideas, you may just find a bit of inspiration here. Regardless of whether you are planning a spook-tacular party or just some Trick-o-Treat hijinks, having the right décor can make or break you’re the festive spirit of such a fun and wacky day.

1. The Pumpkin Drink Cooler

Don’t let all the monsters at your bash suffer because of lukewarm beverages. Transform a hollowed pumpkin into a cute and festive drink cooler. Be sure to line the gourd with a plastic bowl or other waterproof liner to prevent it from becoming too soggy. Add your ice and drinks – and ta-da, you have the perfect cooler for your parched party-goers.

2. The Exceptionally Eerie Living Room

Want to create a spooky space without much effort? If so, just place some white sheets over all the furniture in your living room. Take it a step further by adding some cheesecloth across the mirrors or windows to create the look of cobwebs and some willow branches in the corner. Turn down the lights and light some candles for an effortless and eerie space that is perfect for the occasion.

3. Plastic Bag Ghosts

Plastic bag ghost are simple and environmentally friendly. Raid the recycle bin to find some old, white plastic bags, draw a spooky face and add an old wire hanger. You can hang these up to “float” around the party and create an eerie look and feel. If you want the ‘ghosts’ to float freely, consider putting a helium balloon inside the bag. This is great for both kids and adults – and quite easy to make.

4. Putrid Potions

Take some old jam, jelly or other glass containers with lids and add some water and food coloring (preferably yellow or green) to create a putrid looking display. You can then place some poppy pods, coneflower heads or lotus pods inside to create a spooky looking display. When you place these elixirs on your mantel, evil spirits will not dare don your door.

5. Festive Trick or Treat Bags

Ready to please all the monsters, ghouls and zombies that come calling on Halloween? If so, consider handcrafting some treat bags. Simply cut out some paper shapes of ghosts, spiders or other scary things and glue them to a typical craft bag. This is a great way to make some cute treat bags that will definitely stand out and make yours the favorite house on the block.

Just because Halloween is a few days away it does not mean you are out of time to create some festive decorations for an unforgettable party or event. Take your time and consider who is coming to your house. Doing so will help you create the best decorations for your Halloween party or to cater to the little ones who will inevitably be knocking on your very door.

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