A lot goes into moving. Whether you are doing it alone or you’re moving the whole family, a lot of the responsibility lands on your shoulders. With the rise of the smartphone, more and more apps are being created that help with anything and everything – including moving.

Between detailed lists and moving estimates, there is an app for everything. Keep reading for the five must-have moving apps.


IMG_2163Suddath’s Moving Guru App – This is the app to get if you only want to deal with one instead of multiples. It basically has everything. And it is free which seems to be more and more of an uncommon occurrence recently. Whether you are moving across country or to a new continent entirely, this app has everything you could need. They have moving estimates, checklists, help on selecting a mover, packing tips, notifications that notify whoever you want of your new address and even a glossary of helpful terms. Like I said, this app has everything and can get the job done.


IMG_2159My Move
– What is great about this app is that it has access to all kinds of reviews from multiple moving companies. It is so much easier to compare them all side by side in the same app then having to flip between different places. Plus, all the information is right there. They also have a free moving quote that can be calculated from anywhere in the US to countries as far away as Australia. This app is also free and has international features like no other.



IMG_2158Moving Van – This comes in handy if you are as forgetful as I am. Sure, I label my boxes but what does “living room” even entail? With this app, you have a full visual inventory of all your boxes. As you start to pack things away, take pictures of all your items and upload them under their box name. You can label however you want, with letters or numbers, and can take notes on any important details. This app is $1.99 but definitely worth the money if memorization isn’t your strong suit.




IMG_2162Move Planner – This is the ultimate moving checklist center. Most checklists include the typical things that everyone thinks about anyways. For people like me, even the most basic items do need a special reminder. But what about the stuff that everyone overlooks? This app includes reminders such as children’s school records, asking your bank to transfer information to the closest branch, transfer club memberships and 100-plus other tasks to check off. Some may find the benefits worth the $1.99, others may not.



IMG_2160MagicPlan – So I’m kind of obsessed with the app. The worst part of moving is trying to determine how your furniture fits into the new place, or if it can even fit at all. Well put down the tape measure, this app does all the hard work for you. It creates a floor plan of your new place that allows you to move around your furniture and figure out the placement of everything. It uses your phone’s camera and pictures of your home to automatically determine dimensions. You can then go on to add virtual objects and annotations to complete the map. Best part: This app is free.



For apps not directly related to moving, don’t forget to also check out: Craigslist, The Weather Channel, Waze and Yelp.

We all know how stressful moving can be. Luckily technology has evolved enough to make it a bit easier. Whether your biggest concern is keeping track of boxes or you are trying to move your entire life overseas, one of these apps will make the process a little bit smoother.





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