You’ve set aside the time and money to freshen up your home’s drab interior. The style and theme are picked out, as well as the new furniture. All you need is the perfect paint to add the perfect amount of “pop.” Before you just grab a can of paint off the hardware store shelf, you’ll want to make sure that you are buying the best brand for your home’s needs.

Keep one simple fact in mind: Not every paint is created equal. Depending on the chemical makeup, some paints splatter less during application. Others are very durable, apply easily and environmentally friendly. Here are some of the many things you should ask yourself when picking out your paint for your new home.

Do you want eco-friendly paint?
Everyone can benefit from paint that is environmentally friendly. Paints that are “green” avoid using dangerous ingredients that are known to have toxic smells or emit deadly vapors, like formaldehyde, over time. This not only includes the paint base, but the same rule of thumb holds true for colorants and pigments as well. According to This Old House, paint can take up to three years to completely cure, meaning that’s three years that your body could potentially be absorbing dangerous toxins out of the air.

For many homeowners, the greatest concern with eco-paints is their durability. Although they may be a little messy to apply, these paints have come a long way in their vibrancy and durability. Brands like Auro and Safecoat provide excellent coverage and have no or very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Before you start painting, the paint itself will need to be mixed at the store with natural pigments to obtain the color you need.

Paint2Does price matter?
It is often said that you get what you pay for. When it comes to paint, that same sentiment applies. Higher dollar paints offer a greater amount of finely ground pigment or colorant per container. These paints usually weigh more, but they cover better. The color is brighter and the paint lasts much longer than cheaper competitors.

If price isn’t a concern, choosing paints from Farrow & Ball or Fine Paints of Europe is recommended. With more than 100 vibrant colors to choose from, there is sure to be a perfect match for your project.

Am I buying paint for one or many rooms?
If you are painting multiple rooms in your home, you may need to select a more versatile paint that will do well in just about any situation. Duration Home is perfect for rooms that stay damp due to the fungicide and mildewcide capabilities of the titanium dioxide. It is also great for children’s rooms and rooms with a lot of activity due to its styrene acrylic resin, which makes it extremely durable. While Farrow & Ball will cost around $100 a can, Duration Home is a steal at $45.

Do you want something cheaper or are you willing to shell out?
We all have had our days of scraping by to make ends meet. If this is your situation, the good news is that there are great paints out there that are on the less expensive side. To make them less expensive, companies change some of their ingredients to a lesser quality, often times using clay instead of titanium dioxide. This means it will take more coats of paints to achieve the look you desire. Brands like Glidden, Olympic and True Value offer a healthy selection of colors and cover well with a few coats. If your wallet is a little light, all of these brands are great choices.

If you want to update your home to give it a completely new look and feel, there are plenty of paint possibilities out there to suit both your needs and your budget.  So what are you waiting for?  Grab a brush and get to work!



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