Sellers know a few things when it comes to selling their home. They want the most money in the least amount of time with the least amount of hassle and inconvenience. As realtors, we know there are more than just a few things that are involved.

The three key factors in selling a home are:




From the seller’s point of view, they want honesty and frequent communication among other things. The “unspoken” things most sellers expect from their agent is constant communication and answers to texts, calls or emails within a short amount of time. Gone are the days of having “business hours.” Realtors today are expected to work seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

A seller doesn’t see the behind-the-scenes work realtors are doing to market their home to the world. Often times, the marketing set up of their listed home takes a couple of days or more to properly prepare photos, information and another needed materials to ensure it is sent out to the masses correctly the first time. That saying of “You only have once to make a first impression” holds true when it comes to listing your home.

As anxious as the seller is to see their home on various websites, so is the agent. Most realtors take the time to ensure accuracy of the data and quality of the photos being distributed to buyers and buyer agents. This may be seen as quick and easy but that’s not always the case.

With today’s feeds to countless websites, the accuracy of the data is compromised and doesn’t update price and status changes of the listed home. This leaves not only buyers basing their decision to view a home based on inaccurate information, but also deciding if they will make an offer on a particular home too.

Websites such as Zillow doesn’t always update changes. Buyers then believe certain properties are for sale when they aren’t or the value is something that isn’t even close to what it actually is. The recent changes to feed information sites, like Zillow, have improved considerably, but can’t replace the work of a great agent working for you.

A seller believes when their home is being shown, this is the buyer that will be making an offer. They call their agent asking for feedback immediately and are heartbroken when their agent either has bad news or no news. Either way, the listing agent looks bad or is thought to not be doing “their job.”

When buyer agents make appointments and don’t show up at all, or on time or even late, again the listing agent is the one taking the heat from the angry seller.

How do you prepare a seller for a disrespectful buyer agent or buyer?

Well, you can’t. As a seller agent you brace yourself for the angry calls, text and emails, and plead with them to not fire you as their agent which isn’t very fair.

At the end of the day, the sellers want their home sold. They want to know the buyers being shown their home are pre-approved for their asking price at the very least. They want to know the thoughts of the buyer that has previewed their home, or if there is anything that can be changed will suffice.

Marketing is about the only thing the seller agent can control. Other than that, we are at the mercy of others. A home priced right and being marketed with the most favorable photos, verbiage, and most exposure should sell.

Overcoming location, property defects and the likes can be cured by price. What we can’t explain to a seller is the buyer that cancels last minute their showing, doesn’t cancel their showing but doesn’t show up, or the buyer agents that don’t return calls or emails regarding their showing or providing feedback.

As an agent working for your seller, setting the expectations up front is key. Understanding what your seller would like to have in the beginning is crucial. Updating them regularly is helpful but doesn’t always suffice.

Communication is the key and can make your process so much better!


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