Halloween is the time of year when you can put your own creative spin on scary. There always seems to be a bit of healthy competition over who has the scariest Halloween decorations on the block and many people have a tendency to go overboard, investing a substantial amount of time and money trying to take home that coveted number one spot.  As a result, this enthusiasm tends to look pretty darn scary during the clean-up stage.  In fact, the aftermath of Halloween can – and often times does – become the clean up equivalent to “spring cleaning.”

If you want to forego that hassles this year, here are a few easy DIY decorations that are creative AND easy to clear out when the fun’s over.

Witch Hat Luminaries

     witches hat luminariesAnything witchy can be turned into a great decorative idea. What’s more, witch hats are cheap and easy to make. All you need is paper, thread, needles and safety pins. Before you know it, your porch will soon light up with just the right amount of scary. You can also add a bit of creative whimsy by using different colored gel paper as well.

The Floating Ghost

ghost out of a bottleReusing and repurposing will result in great decorations… without a lot of expense or clutter. Case in point is putting your old plastic soda bottles to good use with this spooky idea. If you have a lot of bottles lying around, this decoration can really fill up nooks and crannies around your house. And the best part?  This ghost is so easy to make that you can even rope your kids in on the fun.  All you’ll need are basic supplies like gauze, a ball, plastic bottles and glue to set it.  You probably have all of these items laying around your home presently as it is.

Mice Silhouettes

halloween miceThis is an incredibly easy decoration that creates just the right amount of effect. Place these printable mice scurrying along your baseboards, playing on your staircase and even running up your walls. You can print bats and owls as well.  All you need is black paper and double-sided tape, as well as a little artistic flair. Removing these festive creatures will be a cinch, since the double sided-tape has just the right amount of stickiness.

Black Cat Pumpkin Lanterns

If you are tired of the same old cliché’ jack-o-lanterns and have exhausted every carving style you can imagine over the years, perhaps its time you try something a little different. Pumpkins are a very important part of Halloween and this decoration allows you to try something different without sacrificing the pumpkin itself.  You will need black paint, black paper, candles – and of course, pumpkins.

black cat pumpkin lanterns


Everyone’s up for a little theatrical flair on Halloween… so much so that some folks like turning their entire house into one giant Halloween decoration. If this sounds like you, you will love this idea!  Simply use silhouettes and gel paper to play with colors and scary faces in your windows. You would need black paper and double-sided tape to achieve this epic feat, but the rewards will be worth it and your neighbors will never need to know how simple it actually was.

Glowing Ghouls 

ghoul ballonsThese glowing ghosts come with minimum effort and maximum effect, especially if you create them in large quantities. What you need for this type of decoration is some black paper or paint, light sticks and white balloons. For the glowing part, you will need to snap the glow stick and place it inside the balloon. Once the balloon is inflated and tied, you can either draw a face on your glowing ghost or stick cut outs on it for the eyes and mouth. You can get a little creative by making different colored cut outs and fun expressions if you want to make these a bit more fabulous and fun.

While your neighbors are out spending hundreds of dollars trying to deck their homes in spooky and scary, by embracing the tips found here, you will position you as a front-runner for taking home this years top trophy of “best decorated on the block’ – sans the massive price tag.  So what you are you waiting for?  Halloween is going to be here before you know it. 









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