There is no doubt that our world is a rapidly changing place. The poles are shrinking, and glaciers recede several feet a day. This last summer has brought an eclectic mix of weather extremes, and many people are wondering if the state of our planet can be helped. The answer is yes.


For decades, our tree-hugging friends have been promoting an eco-friendly way of living. Now even actresses like Jessica Alba, co-founder of the Honest Co., are getting on board the eco-friendly train because eco-friendly living is healthy living. If you are getting your home ready to entertain or sell, consider decorating it eco-friendly to add that extra green touch.

You don’t have to go big
The most important thing to remember when updating or decorating is you don’t have to start big. It’s the larger projects that are less likely to get completed. Instead, look around your home and make small changes that will make it a healthier and eco-friendly place to be.

EcoFriendlyDecor4, a company that specializes in sustainable home goods, has made their motto “Change the world one room at a time.” When you are decorating, picking one room and doing little things, like incorporating plants into the décor, will make a big difference.  Plants add color and clean air to your living space. Instead of hanging pictures on the wall, try a living wall made of air plants. Replace the bulbs in your table lamps with CFL or color-changing LED bulbs. They will cut back drastically on the amount of energy you use and add colorful character to your room.

EcoFriendlyDecor3Your style, your way
One hesitation people have when going green or eco-friendly is how their home will look when it is finished. All they can see are recycle bins, wooden pallets and wooden spools. While these are great tools, there is a line of eco-friendly and recycled products that is increasing in popularity daily. This is all thanks to companies like, and Pinterest. More companies are striving to provide furniture, flooring and decorations that will beautify your home without adding off-gases or other dangerous chemicals into your home.

If you like the environmental rustic look, certainly continue using it the above mentioned pieces of recyclables. If not, figure out what your preferred decorating style and colors are, then look for pieces that will compliment or enhance your room’s theme. It may seem difficult to find an eco-friendly piece of furniture, but if you can find a used piece that has the basic shape or lines you are looking for, a can of spray can quickly change the color or slip covers can change the appearance of the upholstery until you have time to tackle it.

Use what you have
Unfortunately, we have a ton of junk in our homes, and we often think if I just had blank, this would be cleaner, neater or prettier. Being eco-friendly means you don’t have to go to the store to find the perfect containers. Instead, use what you have. Glass jars and bottles can hold a variety of objects. A quick coat of paint and some twine can turn products destined for the recycle bin into elegant containers for small items.

Decorated boxes can be memorable keepsakes. Instead of spending a lot of money on one, use a shoe box or hat box. With a bottle of mod podge, some brown paper bags, and an hour or two, you will have a classy looking storage box perfect for those odds and ends scattered all over the place.

Our earth will not have the resources to sustain us unless we change our ways. By choosing to update your home with eco-friendly decor, you are choosing not only health and wellness for your family, but healthiness for our planet.



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