Egypt’s Minister of Urban Development Laila Iskandar announced that 25 percent of real estate projects will be allocated to the slums, including dedicating a large part of subsidized social housing to slum residents.

Iskandar made this announcement June 14, pointing out that the Urban Development Ministry deals with cleaning up the slums and providing tax funding as a part of economic relief and urban development of the area, The Cairo Post reported.

United Nations Habitat Executive Director Joan Clos spoke at the Egypt Urban Forum (EUF) on the issue and said the slums lack main necessities of living: security and affordable housing situations.

Iskandar said at the EUF that 40 to 50 percent of Egyptians live in these unplanned slums, which range from historic areas, areas of good land investment, rural land and just marginalized

Urban development in Egypt’s slums is among the many things discussed at the EUF in Cairo, which is hosted by Egypt’s Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of Urban Development and UN-Habitat.

The EUF website states the forum runs June 14-16. According to the website, one of the objectives of the EUF is to “provide a comprehensive platform to allow a meaningful dialogue and an active participation of all stakeholders that raises the challenges of sustainable urbanization,” along with ensuring “a better understanding and monitoring of urban and housing issues at the national level.”




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