Prospects do not care about you. Make your website about your prospective buyers and sellers.

If you can keep this in mind, you will succeed with your real estate website. People turn to the Internet to find information to help them sell or buy a home. They hardly ever turn to the Internet to research Realtors, unless they have heard from someone the person they are considering isn’t a good one and they are surprised by that.

What does this mean? You need to make your website the best one in your area for real estate.

How do you do that? Give people all of the information they need, so they don’t feel like they need to go elsewhere for it.

What You Need

The following are what you should include on your site. It’s what many Realtors have found to be quite helpful in creating a successful website.


People visit a website to find a home. When you have your listings on your site, they will browse them to see what you have available. This should be the main point of your site – to feature homes buyers will love.

You don’t only have to feature your listed homes; you can also bring the MLS to them. The MLS gives prospective buyers hundreds of options for a house that you can sell them.

Make listings easy to find. People shouldn’t have to guess where they need to go to find homes. They should have it in front of them as soon as possible when they get to your site.


People want to know about the place where they are looking to buy a home. When you tell them about it, you seem like the area expert. People want an expert on their side.

Online you tell people about areas with webpages and blogs. It’s up to you to know exactly how you want to do this, but most people will do both. They will create pages for each city they service. This page will include a paragraph about the city, and then they will cover real estate information for the area below it.

Pages are usually much more in depth than blogs. Blogs are more conversational. It’s like giving people a bit of information in a fun way. You can discuss real estate news, area events, open houses, etc. It’s just a place for people to come over and over again, so they can get something new each time.

Bring Yourself Into It

It’s true that your site isn’t about you. It’s about your prospective buyers and sellers. However, you do need to put yourself on the site as available. Have your contact information easily visible on each page of your site. This way people can send you a message or call you as soon as they are ready to speak more about finding a home in the areas you serve.

Start working on your website a little each day. You will soon have enough information to give prospective buyers and sellers what they need to decide you are the best Realtor to use.


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