JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — New platform Realty Africa will soon start offering small and big investors from all over the world the opportunity to invest in the growth and development of Sub-Saharan Africa. Through crowdfunding it intends to gather millions of dollars and euros each year for social housing, eco lodges, hotels, factories and other real estate projects.

By ensuring maximum safety, Realty Africa wants to overcome the negative perception of investing in Africa. Therefore service contracts have been closed with Deloitte and fiduciary servicer fund Imara, a first in crowdfunding.

Realty Africa is the first crowdfunding platform dedicated to property investments in Sub-Saharan Africa. For developers in Africa and investors it is difficult to find each other. Most investors still find it scary to invest in Africa. That’s why experienced and large investors control almost the entire market,” says co-founder and CFO Erik van Eeten.

The platform gives investors access to markets, which have been historically out of reach, allowing them to invest amounts starting at a 1000 dollar with a good return. Also it allows communities and project developers to raise capital, without high interest payments or collateral requirements.

The initiators have an international background. Co-founder and CEO Patrick Chella has fifteen years of experience in the banking and investment community in The Netherlands and Zimbabwe. Co-founder and CTO Emil Bengtsson has years of experience in ict. The platform has local teams and offices in The Netherlands, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and other countries. Already, various African projects have been evaluated and approved for crowdfunding, for example projects for family houses for local people and sustainable tourism.

Each project for which there is a demand and for which a realistic investment proposal can be made is eligible. Deloitte’s due diligence will screen each project before it is posted on the platform. Imara fiduciary services has assisted in drawing up a legal construction which prevent owners from selling their property. ,,Thus we provide maximum protection for investors,” says Van Eeten.

Today Realty Africa launched its own crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to gather the last of its needed starting capital.

For further information please contact CFO Erik van Eeten of Realty Africa, Mob: +31-6-46201063, e-mail: Or CEO Patrick Chella: +27-11-083-8454, Also visit:

SOURCE: Realty Africa


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