Tis the season to flip your home from summer’s linen fabrics to those suited for cooler weather. The task of changing your home for the season can be a bit overwhelming. Plus, you have to stow away last season’s items till next year. Don’t panic though. With decluttering, purging and organizing, you can flip your home four times a year and still have room for all your seasonal stuff.

Cleaning and decluttering
Although your first flipping instinct may be to toss open boxes and deck the house like it was Christmas, you really have to put on the breaks. Flipping starts with decluttering.

Throw open your closets and drawers, go item by item through your home and ask two questions: Will it last through another season, and does it makes you happy? If the answer is “no”, immediately move it to the donation pile. If the object is still good and makes you happy, place it in a pile to pack away for next year or find it a new home in your seasonal setup. Do this room by room, and when you are done, clean and wipe down all surfaces and add air fresheners where needed.

Purge your seasonal items
By purging first, you create plenty of empty space throughout your home. Now drag out the boxes and containers of last year’s fall décor and clothing. Carefully open each one and go through it piece by piece, like you did the rest of your home.

If the item inspires you and is in good condition, immediately find a place to incorporate it in your décor or closet if it’s clothing. If the piece is worn out or no longer brings you happiness, it is time to retire it to the donation pile. Just because you stowed it away last year does not mean you have to use it again this year.

Organize and pack It
Once you have sorted and put out your fall items, it is time to put the out-of-season ones up for the year. The secret to doing this is taking advantage of hidden space. Vacuum storage bags shrink the amount of space needed to store items, like clothing and blankets, and protect them from the disastrous effects of dust, moisture and pests. Once shrank, write the contents on the bag and stack them on shelving or stow them in baskets.

For most closets, additional shelves and extension rods can add vertical layers of organization and storage. High, upper shelves stow bins of sorted items out of the way until needed. Shelf dividers can section off areas for stacked sweaters and shirts, and they prevent typical spillage when closets are rifled through. Peg boards and hooks keep items like scarves, belts and jewelry neatly hung where they can be paired with the day’s outfit. Your extra shoes stay neat and dust-free when placed in storage containers under the bed.



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