Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell was awarded $2 million by a California court after being defrauded by an escrow company.

Sports Yahoo reported on June 24 that Liddell had invested in four real estate developments, not knowing that developer Kelly Gearheart who he was working with pleaded guilty in 2012 to two counts of wire fraud and one for money laundering. He was tried in a federal court and now they’re seeking jail time for Gearheart for his dealings with Liddell.

Prosecutors are seeking 11 years for Gearheart, who will receive his sentencing on June 29 in Los Angeles.

Attorneys for Liddell argued that it was a conflict of interest with Cuesta Title escrow officer Melanie Schneider, who is good friends with Gearheart. It was also alleged that Liddell’s signature was forged on documents.

Liddell won the light heavyweight title in April 2005, defending his title four times successfully until losing his belt in May 2007.  He also is in UFC Hall of Fame.



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