An unfortunate incident of violence occurred in Atlanta last weekend, leaving a realtor wounded after an accidental shooting. The mishap took place on May 3 at a model home when Georgia realtor Gwenevere McCord, 43, was shot by Clayton County Sheriffc Victor Hill.

Hill allegedly shot McCord by accident while performing police training exercises, but according to Fox News, Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter still questions the validity of this story. Porter explained that “the location of the house is well outside [Hill’s] jurisdiction.” Questions still remain unanswered as McCord was left physically unable to recount the events after being shot in the abdomen. Hill also refused to comment.

Authorities believe the two individuals were alone in the home when the accident took place and have confirmed that the location of the house was an estimated 50 miles northeast of Hill’s office.

While Porter did not go into detail regarding the evidence found, he did express his concern over the placement of some of the items at the scene.

“The statement on the 911 tape was that they were doing police training exercises,” Porter said. “[but the placement of some items at the scene]sort of make you think about that.”

On whether or not he feels Hill will speak his side of the story, Porter said, “it would certainly assist the investigation if we had his side of the facts, but that’s his choice to make. I can’t force him to.”

Hill was ultimately charged with reckless conduct in the shooting. He was later released on a $2,950 bond. 

For an update on McCord’s condition and the ongoing investigation, click here.


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