As temperatures hit an all-time high in some cities, the real estate market is following suit with that trend. The summer in full swing, conducted an exclusive analysis on listings in the top 300 largest U.S. real estate markets to find the 20 hottest medium to large-sized U.S. markets where homebuyers are seeking homes and getting the final closing.

For the first three weeks of June, there was a 7 percent increase in the median list price from last year to $233,000 — and even an increase from May by 2 percent. Though the listings being put up online are growing faster — June was 4 percent higher than May — it is still lower than last year.

Chief economist Jonathan Smoke conducted the analysis for and said that unique users for the month of June to websites with listings is on track to have a 40 percent growth year over year, while unique visits are on track to be up by 50 percent and searches by 30 percent.

After using the® Hotness Index, California ends up making up half of the list, while Texas follows behind with four cities in the top 20.


The top 20 cities in the analysis report are:

  1. San Francisco, CA

  2. Vallejo, CA

  3. Denver, CO

  4. Santa Rosa, CA

  5. Dallas, TX

  6. San Jose, CA

  7. Ann Arbor, MI

  8. Boston, MA

  9. Detroit, MI

  10. Santa Cruz, CA

  11. Sacramento, CA

  12. San Diego, CA

  13. Fargo, ND

  14. Billings, MT

  15. Columbus, OH

  16. Stockton, CA

  17. Midland, TX

  18. Austin, TX

  19. San Antonio, TX

  20. Fort Wayne, IN


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