Isla Nublar. You’ve seen the fictional island in the hit film series Jurassic Park, and most currently on the latest installment, Jurassic World. The flick that has broken box office records, earning an estimated $549,762,954 worldwide since its release, takes us into a world where humans and dinosaurs can co-exist. It’s an imaginary yet all-too tempting lifestyle that leaves us wondering what it would really be like to live on Isla Nublar and just how much it would cost to have dinosaurs as neighbors.

Isla Nublar has been said to be based on real-life remote and uninhabited island, Isla del Coco. Given that this island is off of the coast of Costa Rica, we can assume that real estate pricing for Isla Nublar would be closest in similarity to that of properties in Central America. Throw in the fact that Isla Nublar would double as a vacation spot and tourist attraction with the existence of the Jurassic World theme park, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for luxury real estate.

Behold your potential humble abode. Available for purchase through Isla Nublar Realty*, this 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home with a private gym, full living area/entertainment space and expansive backyard fully equipped with a large swimming pool and personal jacuzzi, could be yours for $695,000.

Some perks that come along with this home are its beautiful beach views, surrounding tropical rainforests and its extremely close proximity to the popular theme park, Jurassic World, where visitors can enjoy thrilling rides that bring them up close and personal with phenomenal dinosaurs.

As for the down side of living on Isla Nublar: THERE. ARE. DINOSAURS. A lot them. Tons of genetically modified, rampant, hungry dinosaurs that aren’t trained very well and equate any interactions with human life as feeding time. So, large windows? Totally appealing, but only at the risk of a dinosaur breaking loose, finding your home and tearing through your windows in search of food… and by food, I mean you.

So continue to dream on about what life would be like as a permanent resident of Isla Nublar but remain thankful that this seductively dangerous island only exists in a world of fantasy.

*Do not attempt to purchase real estate through Isla Nublar Realty as this is not an actual company and Isla Nublar is merely a fictional island only found in the world of the Jurassic Park film series.

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