Does this scenario sound familiar? 

You had to closely monitor your budget and cut out a lot of “extras” to save up for the down payment on your home.  And now that you’ve closed, your bank account looks a little more barren than you’re accustomed to.  While you’re happy to have your new home, you’re not so happy about how un-homelike it actually feels. 

If you happen to fall into this category, today is you’re lucky day since we’re showcasing a few creative tips that’ll help you turn your newly acquired structure into a warm living space – without further breaking your piggy bank.  If you’re looking to truly make your new house feel like a home, there is a good chance that the tips found here will be invaluable in your quest to creating a warm and personable living space that lets your true personality shine through. 

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Get the Essentials

While having it all is, without a doubt, an appealing concept, it is not always feasible, especially when furnishing and decorating your first home. Yes, the oversized mirror would look beautiful over your new fireplace, however, at the moment, you need to prioritize your needs verses your wants. 

Start out slow and add new pieces as your budget allows. Consider what you need in each room and be willing to purchase less costly items at first. In many cases, pieces you buy for cheap can be refinished or revamped (often times, quite affordably) to create something that’s quite impressive and unique. If you’re willing to be creative and compromise, you’ll find that getting the essentials is completely possible, regardless of how large – or small – your budget actually is.

Create Consistency in the Space

When considering the look and style you want for your home, be sure to visualize the entire space. Then, try and create a consistent, flowing style throughout.  If done properly, everything will feel complete, making it feel much more like home, rather than just a mish-mash of ideas thrown together on a room-by room-basis. One way to do this is by using the same flooring in every room, the same color palette and similar textures and patterns. This will help create a uniform overall feel.

Purchase Double Duty Furniture

window seat storageModern furniture is designed to be versatile and functional. One of the best ways to minimize cost while maximizing functionality is to purchase and use furniture that serves more than one purpose. Desks can be used as eating areas, beds offer storage and couches can turn into sleeping areas for guests. While this is often a tip used for small spaces, it is also extremely effective when you have a limited budget. It allows you to conquer two needs for the price of one.

Make the Ceiling Work for You

Minimal furnishings can make a space look empty. You can, however, distract the eye by getting creative with the ceiling. This can be achieved by painting the ceiling, continuing the wallpaper up the ceiling or some other type of custom treatment. Not only will this help reduce the impact of minimal furnishings, it can also help a large, vast space seem more ‘homey’ and stylish, which in turn will make it more comfortable for you, as well as guests.

bedroom with skylightsThere is no rule against splurging on a special item, but it is important to remember that that you shouldn’t purchase furnishings and other décor irresponsibly.  After all, now that you are a property owner, you have to continue paying the bills.  While décor and style is an essential part of making a house feel like a home, that doesn’t mean you need to send yourself to the poor house to achieve your ultimate goal. By implementing the tips outlined here, anyone can create a great looking space that meets their style likes and needs while still sticking to a shoestring budget in the process.

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