Fall is an exciting season of change.  The leaves turn into a painter’s palette of brilliant hues, and the weather moves from blistering 100s to blustery 50s. School starts back, and football finally returns. It brings with it intimate gatherings of family and friends. As the days get closer to our favorite fall holidays Halloween and Thanksgiving, you can’t help but get swept up in all the excitement. With this season’s style and décor tips, your home will be as ready for the fall season as you are.

Relive the 70s

The 1970s was an eclectic decade. Teen stars David Cassidy and Donny Osmond had an ongoing rivalry, and the Beatles broke up. Skylab was launched into space, and Stars Wars made its theatrical debut. President Nixon resigned from the Oval Office.

1970s style was about expressing yourself or enhancing  your sexuality. Clothing and décor was often covered in ruffles, lace, and fringe. Women were wearing feathered curly hair and blouses with pussycat bows. If you missed it the first time, the good news is you don’t have to live through the 70s again. However, designers are finding decorating inspiration in the bohemian art, clothing, and style of the decade.

Embrace Nature

Like the 70s, autumn is about embracing the changes happening all around. For designers, this means incorporating natural elements like leaves, pumpkins, and vines into your home’s décor. While some families enjoy falling over gigantic pumpkins or scarecrows jumping out wherever they turn, others find this kind of display a bit much. Instead, try a simple vase filled with branches or a candlelit centerpiece filled with flowers and wheat stalks. This brings the feel of nature to the room in small doses. If you are looking for a bit of color, try incorporating jewel toned pine cones and gourds. They enhance table settings or fireplace mantels without being overwhelming.

Go with Bold Accents

Fall provides people the excuse to sneak bold colors into their normally neutral color scheme. Jewel tones gold, brown, deep red, and purple provide a warm kiss of color when used as accent pillows, lampshades, or artwork. The best news is when fall is over these pieces can be swapped out to embrace the next holiday or season. The dining table is the easiest place to incorporate these seasonal colors. Use deep red with gold embroidery napkins, placemats, and table runners to enhance the look of meal and set a mood of warmth and thanks.

Fabulous Fabrics

The 70s also featured fabrics that were “out of sight”. Prints were brightly patterned, and most clothing featured paisleys, polka dots, and plaids or a complex patchwork compilation of them. Fabrics had to have more than just the right look. They also had to feel good. The ruggedness of trendy materials like denim and corduroy were often balanced with the softness of cashmere, alpaca, or merino wool. Knit polyester suits were paired with blouses with high sheen and decorative necklines.

Today’s decorators and homeowners are using 70s inspired fabrics to embrace the fall season. For cool autumn evenings, plaid throws made of soft cashmere are added to living rooms for both warmth and comfort. Corduroy footstools provide comfy seating for extra guests or can be tucked out of the way and used as side tables. A patchwork blanket gives master bedrooms country chic comfort, especially when offset by complimentary jewel toned pillows.

Fall Accessories

As the season changes to cooler weather, designers naturally want to increase the sense of warmth in the home without raising the thermostat. Traditional fall accessories can do this without burning up your wallet. Copper colored fireplace screens add both a shimmer of orange and protection from the fire’s flames and soot. Colorful candles add a warm glow to the fireplace mantel, and the fall scents of cinnamon and vanilla are a welcome change from summer’s often overpowering flowery ones. Seasonal colored area rugs keep toasty toes from chilly bare floors.

If you are staging your home to sell or just embracing the season, this season’s 70s inspired décor is sure to make your home feel dynamite.













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