Hollywood, Calif. – Nick Jonas’ Sunset Strip estate sold for approximately $3.4 million according to Forbes. This is $200,000 less than the original $3.6 million asking price that it was first listed as.

The real estate was put on the market in February, not a even a year after he bought it. The home was built in 1938 in a Mediterranean style and is located in West Hollywood overlooking Hollywood Hills.

The home has four bedrooms and five bathrooms with the master suite bedroom having a fireplace and high-vaulted ceilings. A home theater is located in the family room just next to a large a gourmet-style kitchen. The entire property, with the home taking up 3,175 square feet, also includes a guest house, ornate gardens and a pool.

The house, though sold for less than the listing price, was sold for $400,000 more than when Jonas bought it less than a year ago. Reason to get jealous, huh?





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