A Florida real estate broker was arrested June 1 for burglary and possession of burglary tools, including a crowbar that was found in the man’s car trunk.

Richard Woodin of Ft. Pierce was found in a vacant home on Ohio Avenue in Ft. Pierce on June 1 after a neighbor called the police because they saw Woodin try to pry into the home, according to WPBF News 25.

An officer arrived on the scene and found a list of home addresses in the 54-year-old’s car, a crow bar in his trunk and a box of tools also. The arrest affidavit said Wooden was questioned what he was doing at the home and claimed he was checking out homes up for auction and seeing if they had fire damage before trying to bid on them.

Woodin has been a licensed real estate broker since Sept. 1980, according to Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. He was suspended in December 1982 and given a warning in July 1986.

No further reports have been released. The St. Lucie Sheriff’s Office website said he was released at just past 10:30 p.m. later that same day.


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