With the 2016 New York Fashion week having come, and quickly gone, many of the trendy elite are looking for ways to incorporate these new looks into their homes, not just their wardrobes.

This year’s fashions were all about relaxation and comfort, featuring softer lines and more subdued hues. Compared to last year’s more rigid designs, there is no question these looks were a breath of fresh air for any fashion-lover.

While the clothing was definitely eye-catching and head-turning, the real question is how to use those ideas in your own home. While a throw pillow made in the color of your favorite top is an option, there has to be more inventive ways to give your home a fashion makeover, right?

Of course there is!

Learn how you can take the patters, colors and looks right off the runway and into your living room.

Fringe It Up


Fringe – it’s not just for tassels anymore. In fact, one of the biggest trends on the runway was outfits lined and accented with fringe! This is one of the easiest elements to incorporate into your home. You can add fringe to your existing throw pillows and blankets, add fringe to your tablecloth and curtains and even add fringe in the bedroom to dust ruffles, pillow cases and comforters.

Don’t stop there. Fringe doesn’t just have to be put on other fabric items. Add a border of your favorite fringe to picture frames, mirrors and other décor items to give them the flare seen on the runway.

Remember, designers found fringe at the hemline as the best option, so be sure not to overdo it when you are ‘fringing it up’ in your home.

Rest and Relaxation… Outside Bedrooms


Plaid, satin and terrycloth were another trend used for some of the most popular new spring fashions. For those who love lazy Saturdays in bed, this is a trend they will likely love. You can implement the same idea of all-day-comfort into your home quite easily.

The key here is to take subdued, calming covers and create some accents. Use satin material as a table runner or place mats, or create a unique wall covering or accent wall with your favorite plaid stripe.

It seems like every designer had at least one item going down the runway that looked like your favorite pair of PJ’s rather than high-end fashion.

Ruffle Some Feathers


In the past, ruffles were limited to those who were girly and liked all the frills. However, as seen in New York, frills can be quite sophisticated. Used sparingly they can add just the right touch of feminine appeal to certain apparel and now your home, as well.

Ready to put some ruffles in your home? Don’t worry, your significant other, no matter how masculine, may actually like these accents (even if it’s not something that will openly be admitted).

Some of the most popular items to add ruffles to include pillows, bed covers, shower curtains and curtains. The best way to accomplish the look seen on the runway is to keep them slouchy and relaxed.

As you can see, the trends seen on the runway can easily be brought into your own home. Be creative and take your favorite elements of the show and highlight them in your own home. Chances are you will love the end result.






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