What started as routine property showings turned into frightening nightmares for two realtors who, on separate occasions, were held at gunpoint by a 58-year-old man posing as an interested homebuyer.  Retired Air Force Major Paul Pinkston has been arrested and charged in the attacks of the two real estate agents in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Pinkston has now been charged with one count of kidnapping with a deadly weapon and one count of armed robbery.

It was reported that in one instance, Pinkston tied up an unsuspecting real estate agent with zip ties and proceeded to call the victim’s husband demanding a ransom. After the agent’s husband brushed off the phone calls assuming they were a prank, Pinkston got fed up and drove away. The agent eventually managed to call 911 after escaping to a neighboring home.

In another case, a real estate agent was robbed by Pinkston after he called the victim faking interest in an available property.

Pinkston was arrested at his apartment on Monday after police received a tip about the suspect. Pinkston’s first appearance in court is scheduled for Tuesday.


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