Technology has made it even easier for Realtors to sell homes. A new app called iStaging is exciting buyers and Realtors alike. Learn how you can use it to boost home sales throughout the year.

What Is iStaging?

iStaging is an app that allows you to take an image of a room and decorate it on a digital device such as an iPhone, smartphone, tablet, or iPad. Users can manipulate the layout of the room, and choose different furnishings and decorations. The end result is a dream room that can be a reality.

How Realtors Can Use This App

When buyers tour a house, they often try to imagine what it would look like when they are living in it. Instead of imagining it, Realtors can now bring out their tablet, iPad, etc. and show buyers what it could really look like.

This added selling point can make the difference, especially for people who are not visual. It brings the empty room they are looking at to life, with furniture in place.

iStaging can be used for homes that already have furniture inside, too. Many homebuyers will look at a room full of furniture that belongs to someone else, and wonder if they can make it work for them. They may have a sectional, coffee table, dining room set, or other pieces that they’re attached to, and want to move to their new home. You can use iStaging to put these types of furniture into the room, so your buyers can see that it does work.

Sharing the Information

You don’t have to keep this secret to yourself. Your buyers can use it at home. Help them take the images they need while you’re on tour at the prospective home, and then they can play with the room arrangements on their own. As they see the rooms of the potential home with their own furniture in place, it’s likely they will start to become more excited about owning it. And this excitement might just turn into a call to you to put an offer on the home.

How to Get Started

MarcelinaHardy_agentSearch for iStaging on the App Store or Google Play, and then simply download the app and install it on your device. Try it out and use it a lot before you start using it with your buyers; this will help you appear as an expert with it, rather than fumbling with it in front of potential buyers.

Once you get the hang of it, you will see how easy it is and how quickly you can do it. You can walk through the home with your buyers and every time they mention whether or not something would look good or fit, you can take out your device and start making it happen. Way to impress the buyers!


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