There’s a season for everything: purchasing certain fruit, hair styles and colors, clothing trends and holidays. When it comes to selling your home, there’s also the best season and certain things that can be done according to each season to increase the chances that your home will be purchased.

Summer is the time known for getting outside and enjoying the sun and outdoors, so you want to make sure your home gives off the persona that it will provide the buyer with all of that.

This season is when you want to highlight your great outdoor area. If you have outdoor furniture or stuff to put on your patio, do so. Make sure you patio or deck area is not only highlighted but cleaned.

Putting the spotlight on your pool, if your property has one, will also be a big selling point, especially during the summer. The pool should be cleaned and patio furniture set up around the pool so buyers can imagine themselves seated around the pool when they purchase your home.

During the summer, temperatures are at their highest. Make sure you have your air conditioning going and set at a comfortable level. Home buyers will be happy to escape the heat, especially if they have been visiting different properties throughout the day. To add a cherry on top to your open house or home viewing, provide refreshments like lemonade so they can be extra cooled off and it allows them to linger around longer to view the home, and you can chat them up.

Many buyers prefer to move in during the summer and/or spring. According to, 50 percent of homes are sole during the summer season.

Home buying dies down toward the end of the summer, and traditionally has a small spurt during late November/early December.

During the fall, it is important to manage the upkeep of your home. Keeping you lawn manicured is important, while replacing bright flowers inside and outside with fall-centric decorations and plants. For example, planting calendulas still provide you with flowers that pop like daisies, but provide a nice, soft orange hue for your fall garden.

Since fall is when its daylight savings time, and time falls back, make sure all outside lights are functional and clean, seeing that days get shorter. It allows you to make sure if buyers stop by in the evening times to view the home, the home and its exteriors will be properly lit and seen.

Fall may not be the busiest of the four seasons to sell a home, but there is plenty that can be done to prepare your house to be put on the market.

If there was an offseason for selling homes, winter would is it. The snow and ice keep home buyers away.

If you put your house on the market during the winter and live in an area with lots of snow, making sure walkways are shoveled and salted are crucial. Buyers will want to still see that your home is well-maintained.

Decorations will be key in detracting from the heavy snow or other outside weaknesses, but pick decorations accordingly. Stay away from giant blow-up or decorations that are too ostentatious.

If your home is listed and buyers schedule to view it, creating a cozy and warm environment will be key. If you home has a fireplace, this would be the perfect time to play it up. Decorating living areas with fuzzy rugs and throw blankets will create a warm, relaxed environment that the buyer can imagine themselves enjoying hot chocolate or tea in.

Make sure to keep furniture and all rooms clean. With dim lighting during this season, dirt can go unnoticed, but taking that extra step to clean up your house will show that extra effort. Most houses are put on the market toward the end of winter, which prepares sellers’ for the busiest and most successful season to sell your home in—spring.

Spring blooms many radiant flowers, and “For Sale” signs also spring up in yards during this season.

Late January to mid-March is when houses typically sell the most. Transitioning from the dulls of winter into the busy time of spring is essential in making sure your house is open house-ready.

Spring cleaning will be a literal thing that needs to be done. Cleaning clutter out of places like closets, room corners and rooms will open up space in different living areas in your home.

Not only will you need to spring clean the inside of your closet but the exterior of your home will need to be cleaned up so it can shine too. Replanting season-appropriate flowers and plants will spruce up your lawn, along with making sure your porch and entrance doorway is clean and inviting.

Home owners can also bring the sensations of spring into their home by lighting candles that give off a clean fragrance. Displaying fresh-cut flowers will also bring the bright and blooming image of spring into your home too. Making sure bright colors and decorations are used will make the room stand out as your show it to buyers.

While spring may be the season when the most homes are sold, the sellers are just as responsible on making sure the house is ready to be showcased.
Although your home might be one of the best listings in your neighborhood, the seasons you pick to sell your home will affect pricing and attracting home buyers. Of course, emergencies and other certain circumstances may not allow you to control this aspect of selling your home, these tips will allow you to take advantage of making your home appealing no matter what the season.


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