It’s no secret that style and staging are the two most important factors to making a home sell quickly. Keeping up with the hottest trends since the housing market crash has not been easy. However, 2015 has brought about some trends that, like Audrey Hepburn, will remain classic and timeless for years to come.

Transitional Style

While some people prefer either a traditional or contemporary look, today’s hottest trend is transitional. It’s an eclectic and happy midpoint between the modern contemporary and the more ornate traditional. For young twenty- and thirty-somethings, the style is like combining the modern pieces you can afford to buy with the furniture your parents gave you. With careful positioning and lighting, the two can be mixed for a homey yet sophisticated look.

The good news is mixing pieces is relatively. Transitional furniture has clean lines and soft curves, and the colors are usually neutral navies, blacks, browns, whites, or grays. Instead of bold colors and patterns, interest is created by using textured fabrics like chenille, corduroy, or leather. With open-air concepts on the rise, the transitional style offers a classy way to blend a look from the kitchen, through the eating area, and into the living room.


One trend that will never go away is good lighting. While the rest of the room may be neutral, lighting offers a way to bring depth, interest, and color to your kitchen. Large pendant lamps over an island or work area draw the eye upward, and their colored shades bring a pop of color without it being overwhelming.

For ramping up task lighting, LED light strips are also increasing in popularity. These easily hidden and simple to install lights can be put anywhere, including inside cabinetry, along baseboards, on top of crown molding, and even under upper cabinets. New LED strips can change colors to fit the mood of your room, and some light kits even come with a remote control.

Work Space

One of the growing trends is the importance of kitchen work space. With most homes using the kitchen as a multipurpose space, having enough room for everyone to work is almost impossible. Designers and decorators are now doing everything they can to create more task space. Instead of cabinets, many are opting for open shelving and racks to get appliances and cooking utensils off the counter. Large, behemoth refrigerators are also being replaced with below counter, multifunction, work area refrigeration units. Some models can be switched between refrigeration and freezing, depending on your needs. By taking out large appliances, more countertop space is created.

In addition, the island is taking on a different look too. No longer is it an imposing, permanent fixture. Instead, designers are using the island to create interest as well as provide more work area.  Furniture pieces, including desks and dining tables, can be repurposed to create a multifunction eating and cooking space. The bonus is these pieces can be easily moved when more floor space is needed.


For many people, the biggest kitchen issue is lack of storage space. To counter this is problem, designers and homeowners are turning to kitchen drawers instead of traditional cabinets. New hardware developments can easily turn any cabinet space into a storage drawer. Deep cabinets are no longer cluttered recesses. Instead, pullout cabinets and shelving keep cookware neatly stacked and tucked away. An upside for homeowners, formerly awkward or tiny spaces can now be used as practical, slim storage spaces for baking sheets, spices, bottles, or cutlery.

Alternate Materials

Whether it’s cabinets or countertops, one trend to stay is not using traditional building materials. Stainless steel has long been a commercial favorite, but with its expense and complicated care needs, other metals having been making their way to the forefront. Brass, copper, and even zinc are becoming more and more popular. These metals are easy to clean, and their reflective surfaces look great in any color scheme or decorating style.

With the growing popularity of eco-friendly homes, reusable, recycled, and sustainable materials are also becoming preferred decorating options. Concrete, glass, and even bamboo create countertops and floors that give a kitchen interest and class without killing your wallet. Whether you are updating to sell or just redecorating, one of these classy trends are sure to give your kitchen the facelift it needs.



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