The last few years has seen an increasing interest in letters and signs in home decor. The trend began about ten years ago with the emergence of phrases made from peel and stick vinyl. A renewed interest in neon and retro signage continued the trend. And the latest iteration focuses on large, marque type letters. Unlike some of the earlier phases of this trend, the simplicity of this typography art makes it easy to incorporate it into virtually any style of décor.

Go Big or Go Home

Whether it’s a competition or decorating with letters, going big is the only option. A large font letter can be hung on a wall and serve as the center of a family collage, added to a mantel or side table, or even added to a bookshelf display. These pieces are classy, and can be great conversation starters. The bigger the size, the more attention it will draw. Use only one or two letters, however, and limit its usage to a few rooms, max. Using it in every room lessens its effect as an accent piece and can come across as obnoxious to your guests.

Lights and More

With such a simple design as the backdrop, 3 dimensional lettering can be customized with just about anything. Adding lights can turn it into a festive sign. Recessed letters make great shadow boxes with the addition of pictures, medals, and other personal mementos. Covering the letters in old comics, newspaper clippings, buttons, and artificial flowers turns them into one of a kind  pieces of art.


Whether it’s the front door or the door to your child’s room, letters can be the perfect decoration. The initial of your family’s last name on the front door is a stylish departure from traditional wreaths. A single initial, all three initials, or your child’s entire name spelled out in hand painted letters sets the tone and character for the room. If you aren’t comfortable putting holes in the door, the same idea plays well on the wall behind a crib or child’s desk.

Parties, Holidays, and Temporary Art

While some decorating fads quickly come and go, the letter and sign trend is one you can indulge in and swap out as the trend evolves – or dies out all together. Most craft stores carry an assortment of letters on a variety of different mediums, including chipboard, wood, metal, and canvas. Modifying these base characters is an easy and inexpensive DIY project. Get in the spirit of Halloween by grouping together words like boo, ghoulish and trick-or-treat. Holiday parties can be accented with grouped letters spelling festive words like joy, boo, or peace. For a gender reveal party, gift tables look lovely with pastel colored words baby, boy, and girl. Since they are inexpensive, you can feel less guilty when you give them away, pack them up, or toss them.

While some phases of the lettering and sign trend have faded in popularity, this is one that will be around for a while since everything is extremely customizable and simple enough to complete in an hour or two. And because of the inexpensive price tag, you can change them often, without breaking the bank.



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