As previously reported, 43-year-old Georgia realtor Gwenevere McCord of Paran Realty wound up in intensive care following an accidental shooting incident in a model home. Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill is responsible for unintentionally pulling the trigger on McCord while performing police training tactics.

After the event, McCord was rushed to the hospital where she was treated for significant injuries. She lost her spleen, one of her kidneys and part of an intestine in the shooting.

“We keep calling it a victory day by day,” Ernest McCord, father of the victim, stated prior to her operations.

McCord received support at the hospital from loved ones and members of the McDonough church. Pastor TJ McBride organized a group to bring McCord and her family food and supplies during their time of need. While McBride did not discuss the shooting with McCord, he was able to speak with the victim and confirmed that “she’s alert.”

No official word has been reported on when or if shooter Victor Hill will speak on the matter. As for McCord, she was able to communicate after 12 days and was released from the hospital on Friday. She is expected to make a full recovery within 6 months.


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