Looking for the best cities to purchase that second home in? Let’s start with the best vacation cities in the South.

This region should be fairly easy because of one word: Florida. Beaches are always a favorite for vacation areas, regardless of what region you call home. Not everyone likes fun in the sun, so the following list will have some variety:

GatlinburgGatlinburg, TN
Median asking price: $144,000
Gatlinburg serves as a refuge in the South for those who like the outdoor but prefer hiking to surfing. This city is sat between Tennessee and North Carolina, and is home to the most visited national park: the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Most people that own vacation homes here are close enough to drive and don’t have to jump on a plane to escape for the weekend. If you live in the South and want to do some good hiking and camping but don’t want to go across the country, this city is the perfect place for you.

MyrtleBeachMyrtle Beach, SC
Median asking price: $139,000
This spot is popular all year round with its golf courses and gorgeous beach. To keep guests entertained outside are the strings of souvenir shops, arcades and restaurants along the boardwalk.

You can also find the Family Kingdom Amusement Park, a nod to a past life, and the SkyWheel, one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the country. If Florida is too far, Myrtle Beach serves as a gorgeous family vacation or a romantic getaway for two.

PanamaCityBeachPanama City Beach, FL
Median asking price: $205,000
Located along the Gulf of Mexico, this city is a popular tourist destination and the top beach for spring break. There are multiple public beach access points, two state parks and countless restaurants overlooking the water that take advantage of the fresh fish swimming around their back yard and serve it fresh daily.

If you want to get away and live the beach bum life with plenty of rental opportunities, this is your place.

DaytonaBeachDaytona Beach, FL
Median asking price: $94,400
This is the vacation home city in Florida, maybe in the whole country. This beach boasts more than 23 miles of soft, white sand and has so much to do besides catching some rays. There is the opportunity to go boating, fishing or just strolling down the boardwalk.

This city is also home to the Daytona 500 which pulls in countless tourists each year, along with the crazy nightlife. If you’re looking for a party atmosphere and somewhere that will pay off your mortgage through rentals, this is it.

DisneyWorldKissimmee, FL
Median asking price: $120,600
I don’t really have to introduce this city, do I? Even if you don’t have kids begging you to take them to the magical place that is Disney World, you remember being a kid and dreaming of parks.

Kissimmee is home to Walt Disney World and that’s really all the context you need. But for the family who looks for that and more, it is conveniently located in the center of the state so that one day you can go to the parks and the next you can go to a beach. There are multiple parks and all kinds of other entertainment in the area, which will make your vacation home a hot commodity to rent when you’re away during the off season.



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